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The Buyer's Checklist

Buying a home can be exciting to say the least. While you are searching for properties, it is extremely important to put yourself in a position to submit a strong and competitive offer for when the perfect home comes around.

Select the Right Agent

There has been a huge increase in online search capabilities in conjunction with equally huge increases in paperwork, disclosures, and loan requirements.


The role of a real estate agent has shifted drastically from mainly identifying properties to ensuring buyers are 1) knowledgeable of desired markets and neighborhoods, 2) prepared to make an offer once the perfect property is identified, and 3) thoroughly represented through the buying process.

Triada Real Estate Group will work with you to discover neighborhoods, refer credible lenders, identify and recommend potential properties, and present strong offers.

Get Pre-approved!

Make this one of the first steps in your home buying process. A pre-approval is essentially required to have your offer considered and also assists with determining which market areas to consider. We recommend exploring loan options with multiple lenders to ensure you receive a competitive rate quote. We are also happy to recommend lenders who we have performed well with some of our past transactions. 

Begin Searching

Now that you have selected an agent and been pre-approved, let's start searching for your future home!

Your search will most likely include a combination of combing internet sites, visiting open houses, and receiving properties from your agent.

Making an Offer

After a home is discovered that checks all your boxes, it's time to prepare an offer!

MARKET VALUE: We will sit down and look at the listing price versus what the market is showing. We have a vast amount of experience in this area including over 12 years of real estate appraisal expertise.

DISCLOSURES: Every listing comes with a disclosure package and the amount of information to look at is usually overwhelming. We will review everything with you and point out any areas of the house or aspects of the transaction where caution or more research is needed.

DRAFTING AN OFFER: The offer package includes the purchase agreement, pre-approval & proof of funds, the signed disclosure package, and varying documents depending on the transaction. Each offer is unique and requires different strategies for price, contingencies, and negotiation. Our job is to consult you in order to ultimately draft the most competitive offer while still keeping your best interests as the top priority.

The Escrow Period

Once your offer is accepted, the escrow period begins...

  • Usually one of the first time periods to consider applies to your initial deposit. We will help coordinate this with the escrow officer.

  • We will help coordinate and manage other appointments such as needed inspections, the appraisal, and the final buyer walk through. 

  • If the transaction has any contingencies, we will ensure they are met per the contract, and if needed we will work on your behalf to resolve or negotiate in order to protect you.


  • Once it is time for you to sign escrow documents, we will assist with setting a convenient time. If needed, we will also be present at the signing in the event you have additional questions.


  • The day escrow is scheduled to close, the title company will record the transaction at the county recorder's office and then notify all parties that the transaction has officially closed escrow. We will coordinate finalizing everything including ensuring you are given the keys to your new house.

Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or social media.

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