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Triada believes in the trinity of real estate investment through Acquisition, Holding, and Development




Acquisition is the first and most important aspect of investing in real estate. To reduce risk and increase profits, we focus on properties that are currently undervalued or have yet to experience their highest and best use.


Secondly, there is always a Holding period which depends on the strategy of the development or investment project. We ensure the proper period of time is accounted for in order for each project to achieve its goal.


Development is the process of bringing a property to its highest and best use. This process can range from simple cosmetic changes to full blown subdivisions. Prior to acquisition, this aspect of a project's strategy is meticulously identified, calculated, and planned to ensure the best possible outcome is obtained.  

One of the most important components in development and investing is being adequately informed. From house designs to pro formas, we provide start to finish consulting for clients seeking to start real estate investment projects. 

Our investment fund is a great way to begin having your money earn substantially higher returns. Investors have numerous options including per-project lending, long-term investing, and profit sharing.

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Triada Real Estate Group has a vast amount of project management experience from simple house flips to commercial projects. With the different facets of our company, we are able to execute and manage all areas of  acquisition, holding, and development.

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